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Podcasts that you need to listen to

I spend the bulk of my day working on my computer, and that’s usually with audio turned on. On top of that, I have my cell phone almost everywhere with me and especially when I’m in the car. If you don’t know already know, Cape Town traffic gets from bad to... read more

Tools you should be using when working remotely

As a small business owner, working remotely offers me the flexibility I need in order to work more efficiently. The wide range of digital tools available are seeing more entrepreneurs and employees being able to work remotely from the comfort of their home, hot desks... read more

Don’t wait for the opportunity – create it

Time to get personal One of the bravest decisions I could have possibly made in my life and career was quitting my job to start my own business. I was the Digital Marketing Manager at a leading software development company for 7 years. I worked on leading brands,... read more

Do you really need to build that mobile app?

For crying out loud, do we really need more mobile apps? I’ll be the first to admit that my iPhone is infiltrated with tons of apps, all categorized into neat folders. I love apps, useful apps that is, apps that serve a purpose, apps that package an experience I won’t... read more

Special Digital Marketing discounts for Mommy Mall members

It’s really hard work being a mum and even harder to run your own business as a mum. Mashup Marketing would like to make it easier for you. Empowering women is something very close to our hearts and we would like to support your business with monthly specials.... read more