I’ve got to begin this post with a disclaimer! The information in this blog is not directed at anyone or any company in particular and I promise, I am not throwing shade. But someone has to got to say it; marketing isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’ when running a business.

It’s 2019 and I can’t believe we’re still discussing this topic about why businesses, especially small businesses, should be investing in marketing. Marketing is not a ‘nice-to-have’ or just a line item on the company budget. After all, if nobody knows about your company and your value proposition how can you grow your business? Many people are still questioning the relevancy of marketing and the importance of investing in it. In a digital world where customers expect more customised solutions, faster response times, and more cost-effective products, marketing is the cornerstone to growing your brand and reputation.

Marketing has to be considered a fundamental investment for your business and just like any other investment that you make for your business, you need to review, assess, and plan properly for it to work. It requires patience and time to see results. Some of the most common questions I am asked by potential clients are:

  • How quickly can I make sales through my website?
  • Can you do all of this but for half the price?
  • Do I really need SEO or Google AdWords for my newly launched online store?
  • Can we just post on Facebook without paying for adverts?

This topic definitely requires a series of posts or even a podcast but the most important thing for you to remember is that marketing is a fundamental element to your business. If you want to do things right and ensure your results are sustainable, you have to invest in more than just social media management for example. For example, starting an online store in a very competitive landscape can be tough and only having a social media presence isn’t going to cut it. Budgeting for social media advertising, Google AdWords, SEO and even email marketing have never been more important. With customers being inundated with content, you’ve got to try and reach them on all platforms.

The reason why I chose and absolutely adore the word “MASHUP” for my business is because it is a clear representation of what marketing is and should be. There isn’t a one size fits all but businesses can no longer get away with only investing in one form of marketing. Your marketing strategy is truly a Mashup of different platforms and different elements. This is taken directly from my company profile, “We are usually the instigators of significant cultural and digital change in organisations. Brought in, perhaps to advise on social media, but then catalysing considerable transformation in other areas.”

So, the point I am trying to make is this – you’ve got to spend the money to make the money! If you want to see your business grow then yes, you have to invest in advertising on social media and yes you have to work with that photographer to get amazing product pictures done.

Feeling lost and confused? Send me an email and I will advise on what you should begin with.

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