Yes, you read it right – Vertical video equals better results. Vertical videos are not only beneficial for users and social networks, they can also do wonders for your advertising campaigns. It catches more of the viewer’s attention, which is exactly what you want when you are advertising. With more brands embracing video marketing and with video marketing dominating content on social media, you have to ensure your brand is doing video right!

Let’s be frank, our phones are made to be held vertically. I don;t know about you, but my screen lock has never been switched off. Most mobile users do not rotate their screen when browsing, and landscape videos force them to do this. Forcing a user to rotate can be off-putting and you risk losing them as a viewer. Vertical videos seamlessly integrates into their existing viewing experience. The last few months have seen high-profile stars including Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Nicki Minaj releasing vertical clips alongside their singles’ “official” videos.

What about subtitles?
52% of mobile users also do not want to turn the sound on when watching specific videos. This is where subtitles come in. Having subtitles on your videos ensure no views are lost.

The takeaway – there’s a ton of people watching videos in the upright position. So many, in fact, that marketers should be prepared to include the format into their production book and spend money promoting it on social channels. Advertising the format will be the norm in the very near future.Get started soon and do it often.

Vertical Video Syndrome isn’t going away. So the next time you’re at a concert, don’t be ashamed to hold your phone vertically. You’ll probably get more engagement on it.

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