So, you’ve heard it numerous times, Facebook is the holy grail of social media and if your business is not taking full advantage of the platform then something’s wrong. But Facebook isn’t what it used to be. When I started managing pages, way back in 2010, it was incredibly easy to get your message across to the right people, at the right time and see a substantial ROI. It remained constant for a few years, it remained easy! But as the years progressed it became harder and harder to keep up appearances on the platform. Fast forward to 2018 and everyone is suddenly a social media marketer because they know how to use Facebook. It simply doesn’t work that way. Sorry!

The algorithm changes faster than Kim Kardashians hair colour and if you’re not paying attention, hopefully your marketing person is! Organic reach is declining, Mark wants his baby to go back to being about meaningful conversations and who can blame him? Maybe his board right? Well, not really because all this means is that advertising spend is going to quadruple = kaching!


Let’s get back to the Facebook adverts. You create them, but it doesn’t convert. Now what?

You have no strategy in place.
In order to successfully manage your marketing, you need a digital strategy – whether you’re a large business or a local hair salon. A strategy is what it’s all about.

Your targeting is wrong!
When new clients hand their advert accounts over to me, I can instantly see what’s wrong with the targeting. It’s either incredibly broad (targeting the whole of South Africa) or it’s so specific that it just doesn’t make any sense. Be clever with your targeting, create separate adverts for different age groups or genders, speak to them in a language they understand i.e. someone who’s 20 is probably using the word “lit” very often.

Your landing pages are not selling your service or product.
Often, the landing page is the home page. You should create specific landing pages for your adverts, with visible call to action buttons or forms. A users online attention span is short – get them to click the advert, quickly deliver the message you’re trying to sell and entice them to make contact or purchase.

The budget is wrong!
In order for Facebook advertising to work for you, you need to have a decent budget. Just because the minimum spend is R10 a day, it doesn’t mean you should be spending R10 a day.

You’re probably boosting posts!
Refrain from boosting posts, instead you should be creating adverts in your Ad Manager account with a very clear objective.

Where’s your Facebook Pixel?
You do not have a Facebook Pixel installed and aren’t retargeting website visitors or creating custom lookalike audiences. Oops!

Your copy is just not enticing enough
Remember, instead of selling your services, change the conversation to be about your customer. How’s your product going to change their life? Why do they need your service? Same goes for the design of the advert!

Other business problems
Lastly, there may be other business problems i.e. Facebook isn’t the right platform to focus on (sometimes advertising in a magazine or LinkedIn may be better suited for your company). This doesn’t mean you don’t need a Facebook page – let me explain – let’s say you’re a mining company. Your core focus for digital marketing would be LinkedIn but you will still need a Facebook presence to promote your social responsibility, careers etc. Also look at other issues, is your business process too hard for someone to understand? Are your products expensive? Are you advertising a few days before payday when everyone is broke?

Starting to get it? Good! Not starting to get it? Let’s book a consultation.

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