How we work

Unscheduled Phone Calls

I am not always available for a phone call. Especially in my line of work, phone calls can be a huge distraction because what was intended to be a 5min call can sometimes lead to being a 25min call which means all the attention I spent on the article I was writing is now wasted. Sending me an email or WhatsApp allows me to respond on my time, when I can give you the full attention you deserve.

However the most important thing is having a paper trail. When I am given a set of instructions via a call, I may forget (I am only human after all), so having a paper trail i.e. email will ensure I always stay on top of your work.

Often there are emergencies which is unavoidable and you cannot reach me by a call, please WhatsApp me and I will call you back.

Lead Times

I will always try my best to deliver in a timeous manner but please be understanding of lead times and scheduling in work. Design work has to be scheduled in, meaning immediate requirements can not always be fulfilled and we would need at least a weeks notice for any design requirements.


Invoices are sent on the 15th of the month and due at the end of the month. I am very courteous with overdue invoices and understand that sometimes it may not be paid on time. But I ask for you to be courteous and respectful of me too. I run a small businesses, so if your payment is going to be more than 2 weeks late, please let me know in advance. Invoices past 30 days will incur a 10% charge.